Tee it up team it up

Welcome to IGL

A professional golf league looking to grow the game we love by having male and female professional golfers team it up & compete in Match Play.

Our Mission

Share our passion for Golf to attract diverse fans to the game building a community around players while having fun.

Our Vision

A time will come when Individual Tours & Leagues will coexist in professional golf.

The opportunity

Nowadays professional golfers are younger, stronger, faster, and better prepared than ever before. This is a great time to entertain sports fans and grow the game.

Our Goals

Innovate to entertain new fans while helping companies develop values through the game we love.

Reach a cost-free tournament model for professional players.

Fight for major championships together.

Players free registration!

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How does it work?


Up until now a professional player’s season is made of individual stroke play tournaments. We give players the opportunity to compete differently.


If players desire to do so, they can make the choice to represent a team playing with their teammates and competing in match play.


Players, male and female, coaches, golf courses, and fans finally get the opportunity to become ONE and turn into a professional sports team, sharing values, goals, experiences… and sweat in victories as well as defeats.


A team’s lineup for any regular tournament is 6 professional players (4 men and 2 women).


Players as well as Teams will rank in stars to differentiate the favourites from the underdogs. Who will you cheer for?


The League will start in Europe.

Want to know more about the International Golf League?

If you are interested in investing or creating a team, if you want your golf course to be part of the tournament or if you want to be one of the tournament sponsors, download our corporate presentation and find out more about the International Golf League.

Álvaro Quirós

“This project is super exciting! The format is well thought because Match Play is very enjoyable to watch and play. Teaming up will only make it better and stronger. This format clearly is the best way to prepare professionals to play in a Solheim Cup or Ryder Cup… including myself!”

Álvaro Quirós

7-time European Tour winner
Hugo Esposito

“I am a huge believer in the power of Match Play for entertainment. This combined with a team format competition and the possibility of having men and women professionals competing in the same tournaments is very exciting.”

Hugo Esposito

Professional Golf Player
Gonzalo Fernández Castaño

“Deseando que empiece esta nueva liga ya que el nuevo formato, la combinación del juego por equipos, y el juego por hoyos (Match Play), creo que le va a dar un toque divertido y sobre todo muy diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados en el golf profesional.”

Gonzalo Fernández Castaño

7-time European Tour winner

Our sponsors


What are the benefits of teaming up?

Everything is amplified, players' emotions and fans' engagement. The power of attraction increases.

What are the benefits of a match play format?

It’s more dynamic and plays faster. There is more drama with wins and losses, more celebrations and display of emotions in general. Plus incredible business opportunities...

Where will competitions take place?

On the best golf courses in Europe first, and then in the world.

How many players per team?

Each team will bring 6 players to every tournament, including male and female golfers. Team it up!

Which are the main differences between stroke play and match play?

In stroke play… well if you know, you know, and if you don’t know, there’s a reason why you don’t and it most likely is because of it being difficult and boring. In match play, a player (A) compares his score hole by hole to his rival (player B) and adds up the holes won during the round. The match ends when a player’s advantage is greater than the number of holes left to play in a round.

How will players compete in teams?

There will be doubles and singles, each win will be worth one point towards the overall match, the team with most points wins and advances in the tournament bracket.        

Can a player play for different teams in a year?

No! A professional player must at least finish the ongoing season representing the same team.